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A Brish narrowboat called the Avalon approaches a modern bridge

The New Bridge

A  narrowboat  with a period dressed lady at the helm approaches a modern bridge less sympathetic to it's surroundings  Once the highways of trade in Britain, canals and narrowboat's are now almost completely given over to pleasure cruising and this is what has saved most of the remaining canals today, horses on the towpath are a rarity now, but an awful lot of wildlife would also be if it wasn't for the canals. I don't recall if this narrowboat, the Avalon has ever existed, the painting is an early one of mine I ran into during a trip to Germany, a bit like meeting a long lost friend. Such events allow one to take stock too, painted at a time when I was being influenced by Monet, the over zealous reflections on water wouldn't happen quite so readily today without more motive for them. The Narrowboat name that applies to inland British Canal Barges comes from the  seven foot width and seventy foot length restriction caused by the standardised size of locks in Britain. The enormous barges I've seen on the river Rhine truly dwarfs them! Can you spot the Grass snake on the towpath?

Acrylic on canvas 

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