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Posing at my artists easel, and beachcombing on the Cumbrian coast.

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 I was born in 1957, the year of Sputnik, in Munster in Germany. That was my dads fault, he was a soldier stationed there. I would grew up mostly in Germany, but also in Libya, N. Ireland and England, but my whole secondary education was at Queens school in Rheindahlen , it was part of the BFES system.  I excelled in school, well at least in art I did, and German...after all, I already spoke it. In 1969 at the age of twelve I won the schools annual book prize for art, much to the annoyance of the headmaster Mr. Arthurson,  a bamboo bending baldie who didn't like me. Thank you Mr Wilcoxen, my art teacher would inspire me  a lot, as would his successor Miss Gutteridge, a petite young blonde who drove a 1968 Triumph Spitfire, green and convertible, it looked as nearly pretty as she did. I got another book prize. That is about as close as I get to having any qualifications, after that I'm a self taught artist.

There followed a long sabbatical from painting that began when I left home at sixteen to be a soldier for  five years in the Royal Green Jackets Junior Riflemen's Company and later  the regiments 2nd battalion, and then going to sea with the Merchant Navy were a lot of sketching kept me artistically alive. In 1987, now a London dispatch rider for some years I was walking around in Soho's China town area when I saw painting sets in a shop window...I was bitten by the bug and never stopped painting since, well, sometimes I suffer 'artists block' for months on end, but I always bounce back. Earlier work of mine carries a different signature to the present Seawitch , it was G.Rix. The new signature was first used in 2006. The SeaWitch Artist name has to be made very clear when being passed on orally, people think I said See Which Artist !

I've spent a great part of my younger life by the sea, as a young boy in Libya in the early 1960's, as a soldier in Gibraltar for nearly three years, and a year in Brighton. Then of course I've been a merchant seaman a couple of times in the 1970-80's returning a while in the 1990's. I went around the world in a Tramper , an SD.15 freighter called the ' Armadale'  she was of the Australind line, one of the last of her kind I did that just in time. There is the sea in Seawitch as I'm usually known on the internet, but a pagan witch I am, and with the oceans in my blood by now I was drawn to the path of a Sea Witch, usually a solitary path but it's not a rule. I would later be initiated  a Gardnerian  wiccan coven, mindful of my Sea witch background, my initiation ritual was done at the waters edge in Cumbria. I remember while still blindfolded the circle of witches shuffling inshore now and then as a  circle because the tide was coming in and kept invading it!

Although I paint many topics the Sea witch and sailor in me is often reflected in my art, I'm also an enthusiast of the era of the clipper ships. My medium of choice is acrylic on canvas, nothing against oil painting except it takes so long and is therefore vulnerable too, modern acrylics are just as good as oils anyway if I'm to be asked.  As with many other pagan artists, the environmentalist in me also appears often in my art, I have a special detest of the shark finning industry and against that I've used my painting as a platform for activism, see my Marine section on this site! If you really want to know more about me you can always ask.

Artist George Rix with Yogi

Me and my best friend Yogi at the Cross bones ritual.


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