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The Warnford's Lifeboat Tea Packet

Lifeboat Tea Packet

About the late 1990s until 2000s the Warnford Tea Trading Company had a lovely brand of tea called Lifeboat Tea, on it's packet (or tin) was an edited detail of a painting by Thomas Rose Miles called 'The launching of the Lifeboat' however, it seems that is a different painting by this artist. I was disappointed when this pleasant tea vanished from the shelves for reasons unknown but I found the pack attractive enough to have me save the last one I had, I saw fit to search the internet for it recently and found nothing except a small picture of their similar tin on a Norwegian website so I chose to put t here, I don't want it to be lost to the world! Each purchase of this tea generated a small donation to the RNLI, Britain's volunteer Lifeboat service (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) whose flag also decorates the packet. Currently a different Lifeboat Tea is marketed by Williamson Tea, a donation to the RNLI is also made.


..features a painting of a classic Lifeboat

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