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Romeo and Juliet... A striped  Bamboo sock, locked forever in a relationship with a Timberland deck shoe!

Romeo and Juliet

A striped  Bamboo sock, locked forever in a relationship with a Timberland deck shoe! How come? One evening while visiting a lady friend my Timberland shoe did something for the second time that a high quality shoe has no right to do, it lost it's soul...I mean sole, well nearly, I arrived at my friends house with half the sole flapping about . My friend produced a tube of Gorilla glue to stick it back in it's place, and I let her do the job, she was eager to send me on an errand for her so encouraged me to go out long before the glue...liberally applied had set. By the time I got home that night I found my foot had squeezed glue into the shoes interior and stuck the sock to the shoe beyond any reasonable hope of extraction, my foot was stuck, thankfully to a lesser extent to the sock, a long job getting my foot out of the sock followed and some of my skin remains in it. I really thought at the early stage I was going to be featuring on the Bizarre A&E television programmed. For my part I claim artist rights to the piece I see fit to name for the Shakespearean characters Rome and Juliet. 

In private collection  

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