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Sea Witch weather working


Sea Witch weather working

A Sea Witch stands at a cliffs edge commanding the elements in a storm she’s raised,  the thrice knotted wind rope untied in her hand, a full wind spell has been cast. Did sea witches raise and maintain the storm that destroyed the Armada that was threatening England in1588, or the divine winds ( kamikaze) that destroyed the great Mongol fleets in 1274 and 1281 that were threatening Japan ? Now that would be telling……!  Working with the weather, tides and dark side are at the heart of sea witchery, there can be no light side to work with if there was no dark side, we are all shades of grey.

Lightning strike at sea from the paintng Hurricane at sea

Lightning strike at sea, this is a detail from my Hurricane at sea painting, the very Tempest my friend a fellow Witch  sailed through!

Acrylic on canvas 3 ft x 2ft

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