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The Hunters Moon is the full moon that follows the Harvest Moon  usually the biggest and brightest of the year, and nearest Samhain.

The Blood Moon

A raven circles the standing stones at Callanish under the light of the full Blood moon, the Anglo-Saxon name for what is better known in the western world as Hunters Moon. It is called by a few the Sanguine moon, it seems that this word that pertains to blood red is a sanitised name? Confusingly lunar eclipses are often referred to as red or blood moons as an eclipsed moon will take on a reddish colour, but the true Blood moon is usually the years brightest and the name associates with the blood harvest at Samhain (Halloween) when in the past this was the third and last harvest of the year when surplus livestock would be killed prior to the onset of winter when they would otherwise cut into the likes of grain stocks.  Blood moon next occurs on October 16th  20.05 GMT 2016.

12 x 16 inch Acrylic on canvas

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