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Home of Aphrodite 

A Herring Gull at the Southern limits of it's range passes over the Petra Tou  Romiou ...rock of the Greek, in Cyprus, where the Goddess of Love Aphrodite was born in the Sea foam. I spent a week camping here as a 16 year old soldier, I saw a Harrier jet crash there during an air force exercise involving Canberra bombers and Harriers over the sea. Pilot had ejected, maybe the gods didn't appreciate bombs exploding over the sea there! It is best known around the world as Aphrodite's Rock. There is a myth that anyone who swims around Aphrodite's rock will be blessed with eternal beauty, I did that a few times I know, it didn't do my looks much good though! The rock in the foreground is the Saracen rock, legend has it that a Byzantine hero Digenis Akritas  thrown it there at the Saracen invaders ships.

All Sea birds are sacred to Aphrodite.

20 x 16 inch Acrylic on canvas

Sea Witches symbol pentacle

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