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Hurricane at Sea

Hurricane at Sea, the forces of nature at one of her extremes is portrayed here for a Ships Officer who had sent in photographs of this storm, however Iím no stranger to this kind of weather either , so I found the painting of it  bringing back memories! A Hurricane is actually a Tropical Cyclone occurring in the Atlantic or north east Pacific, the same  would be called a Typhoon in the north west Pacific and a Cyclone in the south Pacific and Indian ocean. In the northern hemisphere they rotate counter clockwise , in the southern clockwise, this is because of the Coriolis force. Occasionally such a tempest will occur somewhat away from the tropics, I remember following the passenger liner Queen Elizabeth 2 into New York in 1978, she had just rode one out during her passage from Southampton to New York and arrived missing an anchor and  there was seaweed up in the mast!

40 x 20 inch Acrylic on canvas 

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