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Max's Memorial

I first met Max when I moved to Shadwell in London back in 1996, my friend Pat was a neighbour who had also just arrived here. He had recently adopted Max, a GSD of about three years old. I ended doing his long walks, dog sitting and even taking him to work as this was possible. He became known for  a fun habit of howling on the DLR trains, I never encouraged this, I just rewarded it! A lot of people knew him on social media, mostly fellow pagans. His greatest claim to fame was galloping into a Mosque when he was about four years old, I had to chase in after him to retrieve him from a scene best described as chaos! A great mate I really loved for years to come. Alas, when he was nearly 14 years old the problem of old age set in. He passed away under  the peace of a new moon on August 24th 2006.

Max posing by Shadwell basin

A young Max in his  habitual crossed forelegs pose, almost human! The place is Shadwell Basin in east London, a frequent walk and so part of 'his territory' .

Young Max

Shadwell Basin again, getting him to do what I want for the camera wasn't as easy as it looked!

Max and his Dad Pat

A young Max with his owner...or Dad, my friend and neighbour of many years Pat, he was a bit of a big puppy. (Max that is!)

Static action!

Static action! Two old foes who never harmed each other.  Always an incurable cat chaser but not a fierce one.

Max the canine artist!

Yes...all his own work, honest! It took me ages to get him to sit and stay put for this photo, he was never a very obedient dog...just obedient enough yes?

Max at the Market

This Watney Market stall was a near daily port of call, stall holder was a friend of the local dogs, Max loved the cheese treat he came to expect and always got when he passed by.

Max at twelve

Not getting younger, Max at about twelve years old on a then wild spot that is now the  Gosling Gardens



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