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Two Ravens have arrived on full Moon night at Glastonbury Tor, on the Isle of Avalon, where Pagan Folk lore has it King Arthur rests.

Raven's Moon

Two ravens have arrived on full moon night at Glastonbury Tor , on the Isle of Avalon, where pagan folk lore has it king Arthur rests. The Tor and Glastonbury is a magnet for Britain's  pagans. The nearby Chalice well, whose reddish water is likened with menstrual flow is one of the many sites here associated with Goddess worship.
Odin had two ravens,  Hugin and Munin...these perhaps? 
St. Michaels tower atop the Tor is silhouetted in the moonlight. This is in the often flooded Somerset levels,  the Tor has seven terraces, there are many possible reasons how thy came to be formed, but the truth remains a mystery...perhaps that's best, maybe it was the cows, cattle still graze there freely today!

20 x 16 inch Acrylic on canvas 

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