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Prettiest bubble butt you ever saw, sexiest ass in the world

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The Sexiest bit of Ass you ever saw!

Which is the  worlds sexiest ass? The biggest ass in the world? I remember this era of the hot pants picture in a 1970's vintage Playbirds magazine while a merchant seaman on the 'Armadale' , I was chuft to come across it again on the internet and chose to load Greta's perfect curves and bubble butt onto my website. The last thing I heard was that she was an American porn star, but no idea about where to find a movie  of her. I love the expert (or lucky) use of sunlight to enhance the already super  form  of her goddess like body, the prettiest piece of ass you ever saw. How I wish she was a skyclad witch flying a broom, she would brighten any full Moon!

Curviest ass you ever saw!

A pubic bush, a broom between her legs!  So clearly before the age of seemingly mandatory shaven pussy  or Brazilian waxing...more curves than Leopard, not that they've got such gorgeous Lillie white buns! Face isn't bad either, I never forget a pretty one of those.

Sexy arse ups,so what is on her mind, thumb sucking leads the imagination on!

So what is on her mind, 'should I shave my pussy?' Thumb sucking leads the imagination on!  Her body beautiful is proof that small tits are really sexy too, with their pert pointy nipples. You a BIG TIT lover? See the biggest tits in the world on my video! The Biggest Tits in the World..
Love to sing? Dirtiest song in the world! Dirtiest-song-in-the-world.htm






A great latter day lookalike!

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