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The Yellowhammer Reclaimed

The  Yellowhammer, a bright little Bunting, was in the past associated with Witchcraft  and had the unfortunate , strange  title 'The Devil's bird' in Northumberland, Scotland and curiously the area around Prague.  Considered to be  agents of Satan they supposedly had three drops of his own blood in their veins . When found they would be killed, their nests , eggs and young destroyed. I have to say the favoured symbol of Satanism today is the inverted Pentagram, it was stolen from Wicca where it has it's  own  special purpose and the more usual upright Pentagram, or Pentacle placed on the painting here stands to deny any link with old Nick, Satan or the Devil. For more modern reasons the Yellowhammer is now on Britain's endangered species  red list.

8 x 8 inch Acrylic on canvas

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