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Yogi's Memorial

Yogi classic

I first met Yogi in 2007, my friend and neighbour for many years, Pat had adopted her as he had Max before her. As with Max I was to do her long walks and outings, dog sit and generally help it be possible to keep her, for a long time she would spend all week days with me, a really loving bond developed with this girl who was a Labrador Great Dane cross. After a happy six years cancer raised it's ugly head. However, somebody who had the means gave her an extra summer of life by sponsoring chemotherapy for her. A discreet person who would become one of the three who loved Yogi the most. Yogi passed on at home on October 29th 2013 in the company of those three people. Over a thousand messages of condolence where sent one way or another because I made her rather famous in social media, known as Tower Bridge Yogi she had hundreds of FaceBook friends on her page there, and a Youtube Channel that is still there to watch, please do!  Tower Bridge Yogi on Youtube...


Tower Bridge Yogi

Tower Bridge Yogi! Yogi became associated in her own way with the Tower Bridge, making it part of her territory for many years as well as through social media. This image was a profile picture for her in it.

Yogi in repose

A very clear photo, probably the best of Yogi reposing on the balcony outside my front door, she seems to be deep in thought about something!

On the shore of the river Thames under the shade of the Tower Bridge, all that Labrador in her never made her a water lover though!

Labrador dog drawing

A drawing done for me by friend Anne Kelly, from a photo when she was three years's a stunning likeness!

Yogi by cannon

Looking rather 'Regal' was the way some people on Facebook described this picture taken in St. Katherine's dock . Getting her to stand still for this was a longish job, she wasn't much of a poser at heart. The Great Dane in her seems to show itself though.

Yogi in wild place

Enjoying a frolic during June 2011 in a colourful batch of arable weeds, this was taken in the middle of London and not the countryside, there is lots of wild spots for those who seek them.

Yogi in Hyde park

Yogi in Hyde Park, central London with Pat, we would all go for a walk there after visiting the vet in west London. It's place where she would meet more other friendly dogs than anywhere else, I wish I'd have discovered this earlier, it would have been worth the occasional journey.

Yogi and me in St.Katherine's dock

Me with Yogi in St. Katherine's Dock when she was eight years old. The photo was taken for me by one of the ex Ghurkha regiment security guards there. I used this as a profile picture for myself  on facebook a while.

Yogi and Moira

Famous friend! Yogi was able to count Moira Cameron among her social circle. Moira is the first and so far only Yeoman warder of the Tower (aka Beefeaters) this didn't mean she was able to get past that gate into the Tower of London like she wanted to though!

Yogi in memorial park

A last outing before she passed on. Yogi relaxes in front of the bridge she had become associated with in the almost aptly named Memorial Park in Wapping east London. She was in the company of the three people who loved her the most. Bon voyage Yogi.


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